Our Mixed Pouch Box comes with 4 pouches inside; all you have to do is choose them: all different or all the same it’s your choice!

This box contains 4 x 40g pouches. 

Remember we don’t add any salt, sugars, dyes or fillers to our treats. We use a method of dehydration to preserve our treats, which means we don’t add any chemicals whatsoever. All of our ingredients are human grade and quality and we don’t use meat meal or other meat or vegetable by products.

The original free-range liver bite packed full of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Calm Moments
With an added camomile infusion to relax and calm.

Fabulous Fur
With added flax, pumpkin seed and olive oil providing Omega 3, 6 and 9 to promote fabulous fur.

Joie De Vivre
With added beetroot, echinacea and a rooibos infusionto support and strengthen the immune system.

Run Free
With added devil's claw, pumpkin seed and eggshell

* Based on our feeding guidelines- Treats are cut by hand, sizes and individual pouches/Tins/Trays may vary in terms of treat numbers but not overall weight.

Choose you flavours...

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Detail of Subscribe & Save
To receive the benefits of Subscribe & Save, you agree to make a minimum of 6 purchases and deliveries (to an eligible address) without any breaks, pauses or cancellations of the subscription service. In addition to receiving our very best prices on your treats we will also send a little treat box free after every 8 paid for Subscribe & Save purchases.
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Intended as a complementary pet food for dogs-serve as a treat or reward.

We recommend 1-5 treats a day based on size. Reduce accordingly if you regularly include liver in your dogs diet.

Toy/Small 1-2
Medium 2-3
Large 3-4
Giant 4-5

Not suitable for puppies under 8 weeks.

Always ensure your dog has access to fresh water.

Once opened, store in cool dry place, once opened store in airtight container.

Crude protein 21.4%; Crude fibre 1.3%, Ash 2.5%, Crude Oils and Fats 8.2%, Moisture 4.8%.